Max Volt Performance Ignition Systems

Max Volt V8 Chevrolet Ignition System

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When Maximum Performance is your desire and you're looking for an ignition system that packs the extra spark to deliver increased engine performance and power then look no further than this is it. This kit features modern reliable digital multi spark technology. This technology is designed to burn every last drop of unspent fuel in your engine combustion chamber and that means the very best results from your engine. Each ignition box is USCG approved and features internal potted anti-corrosion and anti-vibration features. In addition this ignition offers a integrated adjustable engine RPM limiter adjustable in both 1000 and 100rpm increments. In addition to the state of the art ignition supply you'll find our very best epoxy filled vibration resistant coil with 40,000KV of high output spark and custom fit ignition wire set MAXVOLT MAX-FIRE 8mm spark plug wires.


Package Contents:

(1) Billet Marine Distributor #121-3560
(1) Set of Spark Plug Wires #121-8148
(1) Ignition Control Box #121-2560
(1) High Vibration Coil #121-8222
(1) Head Mount Bracket #620-11220
(1) Set of Instructions