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Max Volt MV-D6 Marine CD Ignition Control Box


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The MAXVOLT Ignition is rapidly becoming the most popular performance marine ignition in the world due to its advanced engineering superb performance on water ways around the world.
The MV-D6 is a powerful compact ignition that provides terrific power and digital accuracy from a Capacitive Discharge MOSFET technology regulated power supply. This technology continues to supply full energy and maximum voltage across the spark plugs-gap even when the battery voltage drops unexpectedly to as low as 10 volts. When the ignition is triggered the MV-D6 releases all of it's stored voltage to the coil so the primary voltage is at full power at any rpm.

The multi-spark function provides up to 12 sparks per cylinder fire delivering massive energy to your engines cylinders igniting all unburned fuel while eliminating plug fouling and providing superior idle quality, throttle response, low-end performance and fast starts and restarts. There is no need to purchase a separate rev limiter with the MAXVOLT MV-D6 as this unit features a built in sequential rev limiter that stops engine damaging “popping and banging” at the desired rev limit. no additional “chips.” to buy either. Engine rpm can be adjusted in both X1000 and X100 rpm's The MV-D6 will support engine applications up to 14.5:1 compression ratio, nitrous-oxide, supercharged and turbo charged 8 cylinder engines with distributors.

Fully encapsulated construction using surface mount electronics. 135 mJ spark energy output. Waterproof and highly resistant to vibration and shock. 12 pin Deutsch connector used for signal connections. Extremely efficient switching power supply based on US Patents Less than 5 amp current draw at 8,000 RPM. Rated for continuous operation at 8,500 RPM and 85º C (185º F). Compatible with 8 cylinder marine engines with distributor type ignition. Digitally set RPM limit with 100 RPM steps from 3,000 to 9,900 RPM. Ignition Box certified to meet the ignition protection requirements of the NMMA, the USCG, ISO 8846 and SAE J1171 SAE standards for marine applications.

Installation Instructions


Box Dimensions: 5.25" Wide x 7" Long x 1.9" Tall
Package Contents: (1) MV-D6 Ignition Control Box, (1) Wire Harness, (1) Package of Accessories, (1) Set of Instructions