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Max Volt High Vibration Ignition Coil

max volt catalytic eliminator


Why is the MAXVOLT Ignition coil your #1 Choice? It's simple Reliability and High Output. The exclusive design of the MAXVOLT HV series coil is that it features a completely potted epoxy filled core encasing the coils windings while encapsulated by a sturdy metal housing. The epoxy (Resin) filled body not only has extreme heat absorbing properties but also bonds the windings into a solid structure thus eliminating the destructive vibration qualities normally found in oil filled coils. FACT: The #1 cause of ignition coil failure is that traditional ignition coils are filled with oil to act as a absorption and cooling property. The problem is they overheat and vibration breaks the inner windings. The MAXVOLT HV series coil eliminates this!


Coil Dimensions: 2" Wide x 2" Long x 7" Tall
Package Contents: (1) Catalytic Eliminator Computer, (2) Wire Harnesses, (1) Set of Instructions