Max Volt Performance Ignition Systems

Max Volt "Run Ready" V8 Chevrolet Marine Distributor

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These distributors are a stand alone style ignition in one convenient distributor package. These all new "Race Ready" marine distributors do NOT require any additional control box to operate. Although they do not share the performance advantages when using a Max Volt Ignition Control box, they do provide the ultimate in maintenance free magnetic ignition reliability. Their increased output of the internal ignition amplifier will out perform stock ignitions while smoothing out an engines idle, improve starting and provide a higher more adjustable operating range. Meets all USCG requirements.

Installation Instructions


Distributor Dimensions: X" Wide x Y" Long x Z" Tall
Package Contents: (1) "Run Ready" Distributor, (1) Wire Harnesses, (1) Set of Instructions, (1) Package of Hardware