Max Volt Performance Ignition Systems

max volt performance marine ignition system

Max Volt Performance Marine Ignition System

When Maximum Performance is your desire and you're looking for an ignition system that packs the extra spark to deliver increased engine performance and power then look no further than this is it. This kit features modern reliable digital multi spark technology. This technology is designed to burn every last drop of unspent fuel in your engine combustion chamber and that means the very best results from your engine. Each ignition box is USCG approved and features internal potted anti-corrosion and anti-vibration features. In addition this ignition offers a integrated adjustable engine RPM limiter adjustable in both 1000 and 100rpm increments. In addition to the state of the art ignition supply you'll find our very best epoxy filled vibration resistant coil with 40,000KV of high output spark and custom fit ignition wire set MAXVOLT MAX-FIRE 8mm spark plug wires.

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max volt bbc distributor

Max Volt V8 Chevy Distributor

Marine environments put some of the most demanding situations that ignitionsystems will ever experience due to a combination of water spray, salt exposure,extreme vibration and more. That's why both the folks at Max Volt Performance produce some of the "Best" distributors money can buy. Manufactured from high grade 6061-T6 billet aluminum and featuring sealed bearings that support oversized shafts. The high quality magnetic pick-ups and weather tight wiring connections in addition to spark suppression flame arresting vents make this one of the best distributors on the market today. They also feature the exclusive Dupont Rynite distributor caps and rotors. Advance kits sold separately.

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max volt catalytic eliminator

Max Volt Catalytic Eliminator

If increased engine performance is what you are after but have concerns about the catalyst equipment on your engine, then the Catalyst By-Pass Computer (CBP) is what you need! Designed specifically for marine engines, Maxvolt Performance worked with a team of marine electrical engineers to create a product this simple and gets the job done. There is no cutting or splicing of wires; everything is plug and play! And there are three ways to play! The intent of this module is to allow the running of a catalyzed marine engine without the catalytic converters installed and without triggering any ECU error codes. With the engine operating in this condition, the emissions control system will be rendered inoperative. For this reason, do not operate the vessel on emissions regulated waterways.

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max volt ignition coil

Max Volt Ignition Coil

Why is the MAXVOLT Ignition coil your #1 Choice? It's simple Reliability and High Output. The exclusive design of the MAXVOLT HV series coil is that it features a completely potted epoxy filled core encasing the coils windings while encapsulated by a sturdy metal housing. The epoxy (Resin) filled body not only has extreme heat absorbing properties but also bonds the windings into a solid structure thus eliminating the destructive vibration qualities normally found in oil filled coils. FACT: The #1 cause of ignition coil failure is that traditional ignition coils are filled with oil to act as a absorption and cooling property. The problem is they overheat and vibration breaks the inner windings. The MAXVOLT HV series coil eliminates this!

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max volt bbc ready to run distributor

V8 Chevy "Run Ready" Distributor

These distributors are a stand alone style ignition in one convenient distributor package. These all new "Race Ready" marine distributors do NOT require any additional control box to operate. Although they do not share the performance advantages when using a Max Volt Ignition Control box, they do provide the ultimate in maintenance free magnetic ignition reliability. Their increased output of the internal ignition amplifier will out perform stock ignitions while smoothing out an engines idle, improve starting and provide a higher more adjustable operating range. Meets all USCG requirements.

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max volt ignition control box

Max Volt Ignition Control Box

The MAXVOLT Ignition is rapidly becoming the most popular performance marine ignition in the world due to its advanced engineering superb performance on water ways around the world. The MV-D6 is a powerful compact ignition that provides terrific power and digital accuracy from a Capacitive Discharge MOSFET technology regulated power supply. This technology continues to supply full energy and maximum voltage across the spark plugs-gap even when the battery voltage drops unexpectedly to as low as 10 volts. When the ignition is triggered the MV-D6 releases all of it's stored voltage to the coil so the primary voltage is at full power at any rpm.

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max volt ignition wires

Max Volt Spark Plug Wires

Marine environments put some of the most demanding situations and these are 8MM Spark Plug Wires are fit for the test. The stainless steel conductor offers lower resistance for maximum voltage carrying capabilities and will not affect other ignition controls or on-board electronics. The outer sleeve is constructed of a tough high temperature silicone jacket. An excellent upgrade for OEM plug wires.

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The Max Volt Difference

MAXVOLT Ignition is the culmination of decades of experience blended with the very latest in digital ignition technology. Our product line is based on the most advance capacitive discharge (Digital) technology without compromise. All MAXVOLT state of the art Ignition boxes are manufactured in USA at an ISO9000 facility. Not only do our our products offer exclusive features but our products success is based on a extensive offering of standard features that are commonly found options in other products. But the main reason we continue to grow so fast as a leading provider of marine ignition systems is simply "Value and Reliability".